Zero Gravity is a new platform for international firms seeking technical expertise to tap Portugal’s tremendous network of talented tech professionals.

During the past decade our country has built a vibrant culture of entrepreneurship in Porto, Lisbon and other cities. We’ve created unicorns, thriving startups and development shops, and become a top tech center for Google, Siemens, AWS and other elite firms from the US and Europe.

Portugal boasts many advantages over other European countries. Skilled, focused technical talent. An open mindset and eagerness to work with international firms baked into our DNA. Excellent English proficiency, and extensive experience in remote collaboration. The nation’s pleasant coastal climate and low cost of living has another benefit. There’s ample talent at a reasonable price. And something intangible. We are a country that prizes innovation and the strengths of multiculturalism. We work hard and get the job done.

In this platform, you’ll find the workforce who drove Portugal out of the 2008 financial crisis and responsible for putting the country on the tech scene radar.

For enquiries contact us via: talk2@startupportugal.com

Corporates that have already signed up for Portugal’s talent: